The UK Supreme Court: An Interactive History

A thoroughly interesting overview of the history of the UK’s highest court of appeal, starting in 1399 when the House of Commons stopped considering appeals from lower courts all the way to the present day.

This was published by the Guardian newspaper, 31st January 2012:

There are a number of articles, documents and videos linked with this interactive history that further elaborate on the history of the Court. I found this link to Hansard dated 21 July 2009 to be particularly interesting as it marks the date on which the Law Lords left Parliament for good. Very rarely do we see such examples of the balance of governmental powers shifting, especially in developed countries. The Hansard text, which pays tribute to the Law Lords, also contains a very readable history of the appellate jurisdiction of the House of Lords.

On a personal note, I was also privileged enough (through a strange twist of fate) to be present at Lady Hale’s lecture on the European Convention of Human Rights at Gresham College. The link to that is provided in the Hilary 2010 tab.

Finally, after going through the interactive history above, I’d encourage everyone to watch this great documentary by Channel 4, available on YouTube.




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