Developments in Professional Ethics

It’s only been a month since I completed the BPTC myself yet there has already been a drastic change in the field of Professional Ethics. It seems that just like Criminal and Civil Litigation, the rules governing professional ethics in the UK change on a very regular basis, so it is important to keep abreast of these developments by regularly following the announcements of the Bar Council and the Bar Standards Board.

The Law Society Gazette has helpfully summarised the change to the ‘cab rank’ rule (a fundamental aspect of a Barristers’ professional ethics) in the article below:

“Bar victory over ‘cab rank’ rule

Thursday 02 August 2012
Changes to the ‘cab rank’ rule approved last week will pave the way for new standard contractual terms between solicitors and barristers.Under amendments to the Bar Standards Board’s code of conduct approved by the Legal Services Board, the cab rank rule will apply where work is offered to a barrister on the new contractual terms or any standard terms offered by the barrister. The cab rank rule will not apply to work offered by firms named on the List of Defaulting Solicitors, where a solicitor has not paid a barrister’s fees.”

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