Mooting Introductory Workshop

I recently conducted a workshop on mooting at the London College of Legal Studies (South). The intention behind hosting the workshop was to encourage undergraduate students to become involved in mooting – an activity that still does not have a broad appeal in Bangladesh – by providing them with an overview of its history, what it involves, how it will benefit them and the opportunities LCLS will provide to partake in it. I also provided a little taster of the work that they will have to do to prepare for a moot by distributing a sample moot problem from a competition that I had participated in before, as well as the skeleton that my teammate and I had prepared for it.

As LCLS (S) is hoping to participate in a few international moots, I also showed the students a copy of the memorial my teammates and I prepared for the VIIth KK Luthra International Criminal Law Moot in 2011. For those who would like to take a look at the presentation (incl. presentation notes) and the ancillary documents, please find them below:

Mooting Introductory Workshop

Sample Moot Problem

Sample Moot Skeleton

Sample Moot Memorial

Note: All of the documents are the intellectual property of their respective authors. Please do not use these documents for anything more than personal or educational purposes.



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