The Truth about the Criminal Bar (in the UK)

If you labour under any misconceptions about the life of a Criminal Barrister, then this blogpost by a reputed law blogger, 50 Shades of Affray, will certainly dispense with any such illusions. In morbid, graphic detail, it describes the trials and tribulations of the average Criminal Barrister in the UK; the under-appreciation and the shockingly poor pay – all very relevant topics of discussion given the proposed (and imminent) legal aid reforms i.e. legal aid cuts.

“When asked what I do for a living, I often hesitate momentarily before changing the subject. Despite feeling immensely proud and privileged to have made it into the illustrious world of the purported legal ‘elite’, the words ‘criminal barrister’ do not roll off the tongue with the ease I’d expected such achievement would ultimately engender. You see, experience tells me that once a new acquaintance hears the ‘B’ word, their reaction will invariably range somewhere between curious disgust right up to the unfettered revulsion you might feel if you found out you’d just mistakenly cleaned your teeth with the old toothbrush reserved for scrubbing under the rim of the toilet…”

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– Morshed



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